From a Northwoods Volunteer...

Written By Bill Hagan


My brother and I have taken 20+ trips into the BWCA over the past 30+ years. We have always wanted to find a way to give back to the wilderness that which we have so immensely enjoyed!

I can tell you from first-hand experience that the project we completed with the Northwoods Volunteer Connection was one of the MOST rewarding volunteer projects that I have ever participated in! The project was well coordinated between NVC and the U.S. Forest Service for the Superior National Forest. NVC provided most of the tools and equipment needed (with some assistance from USFS) and I only had to bring my personal gear and a sleeping bag! How easy is that!


We were base camped on Big Moose Lake and then day-tripped across the lake to the Big Moose-Cummings portage that contained the boardwalk that was to be repaired. While it did involve some "good old" physical labor, we were able to pace ourselves so the entire experience was enjoyable (had many laughs along the way). It was very fulfilling to come together with other "strangers" who have the same passion for the BWCA. We were also able to clear another portage of trees down from storm damage. I have personally used many boardwalks when portaging and come upon fallen trees blocking a portage trail and I can tell you that those who will follow will appreciate the work that we completed. I have an even greater appreciation for the work that the Forest Service does and can respect their extremely long list of "To-Do" projects that time, $ and resources just cannot reach. I strongly recommend to anyone who has traveled this area (or any other pristine, protected wilderness area) to think about taking time out of your "busy schedule" to participate in a future NVC volunteer project. I know my brother and I will!!

Bill and Kevin Hagan participated in one of the Northwoods Volunteer Connection's week-long Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness projects. Stay tuned to our social media pages and website for information on how you can get involved in projects like this one and gain a new experience in the Superior National Forest!