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Entry points are the gateways to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). Individuals, groups, or businesses can "adopt" these resources and help ensure they remain open for use. These volunteers assist in keeping the entry point areas and access roads clear of vegetation and litter.

You can help ensure canoeists, fishermen, and hikers have access to the jewel of Minnesota's northwoods - the BWCAW. Adopt an entry point!

Please fill out the form below to indicate your interest.


Entry point adopters receive a certificate of adoption and recognition on the Northwoods Volunteer Connection's website!


Entry Point #9 & 14 Little Indian Sioux River North and South - Bob McNamara

Entry Point #39 Baker Lake - Tom Spence

Entry Point #43 Bower Trout Lake - Adventurous Christians

Entry Point #44 Ram Lake - WTIP North Shore Community Radio

Entry Point #45 Morgan Lake - Orest Family

Entry Point #47 Lizz Lake & Entry Point #48 Meeds Lake - Rockwood Lodge and Outfitters

Entry Point #54 Seagull Lake - Seagull Outfitters

Entry Point #60 Duncan Lake & Entry Point #61 Daniels Lake - Great Old Broads for Wilderness, Minnesota Wild Waters Broadband Chapter

Entry Point #64 East Bearskin Lake - Bearskin Lodge

Entry Point #67 Bog Lake - Lucas Raudabaugh

Entry Point #69 Little John Lake - Points Unknown

Entry Point #75 Little Isabella River - The Tessons

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Entry Points

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Entry Points


ADopters agree to...

  • Adopt an entry point for a minimum of two years

  • Make at least two visits to the entry point each year - preferably once before the May 1 permit season begins

  • Meet with Forest Service or Northwoods staff to learn about tool use and standards for maintenance

  • Notify the Northwoods Volunteer Connection before completing their work

  • Submit a work report after completing their work

  • Perform all work to protect the environment, natural resources, and the recreational experience of visitors

Adopter Responsibilities may include...

  • Picking up litter in the entry point area

  • Making repairs to entry point kiosk as needed

  • Clearing brush from around the kiosk and entry point parking area

  • Clearing brush from the nearby portages

  • Cleaning entry point outhouses (if present)

Entry point adopters receive a certificate of adoption and recognition on!

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The Northwoods Volunteer Connection provides all of the tools and safety equipment you need.

Please note, individuals who wish to use a chainsaw on US Forest Service land must first become certified through a US Forest Service training.

Let us know if you're interested by completing the form below.

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Please indicate your top three choices of entry points to adopt or the general area where you'd like the entry point to be located.

Learn things every adopter should know: 

Assisting with the stewardship of an entry point is a privilege, and it is important that the adopter take on the responsibilities of maintaining the entry point seriously.  We highly recommend that you involve your family, friends, and other groups in your work along these roads.  Yet, as the adopter of the entry point, you will be responsible for the quality of work performed, as well as for the safety of your group.


Forms for Entry Point Adopters

Paperwork for entry point volunteers is now online - click the link below.